Chicken Soup Book

Hi 209,

Remember to bring your chicken soup book tomorrow, and for those who have not submitted your health booklet, please do so ASAP. Thanks.

Lee YuChong

School Cheer

Hi 209, 

You might want to start thinking of the kind of cheers you might want to do, starting with the tune for the first cheer that we would be doing. Here are the pictures of the rubrics for your reference: 

School-Parents Meeting on 4th November

Hi 209
Please update your parents regarding the School- Parents Meeting slots. People yet to confirm are Stacey, Davina, Hardy, Junwei and Tim:

0930- Rayner

1000- Jonan

1030- Siyuan

1045- Victor

1100- Johanan

1115- Benjamin

1300- Min Suk

1315- Preston

1330- Yu Xiang

1345- Christopher

1400- Michelle

1415- Cherin

1430- Gwendolyn




1530- Naveena


1600- Jia Le

1615- Niklaus

**Yuchong (Mum is collecting Report Book from General Office)

For your inputs.....

Pls refer to the following URL to input your comments/ views:

CE 19 Sept 2011- 209 fights stress!

Hi 209

Let's fight stress together! Share what are the factors/ conditions/people/ events that stress you. Why is that so?

Reflecton for CE

Please jot down your respondes/reflections for the following questions

1) How do you demonstrate your appreciation and love towards your parents?

2) ‘It is easier for a mother to look after her ten children than for a child to care for his mother’.

Schedule for Term 3 Week 10

Monday, 29 August 2011 School holiday in lieu of Presidential Election
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 Hari Raya Holiday
Wednesday, 31 August 2011 Annual Track and Field Meet Meet at Clementi Stadium at 7:40 as per usual, with dismissal time being around 12
Thursday, 1 September 2011 Teacher's day celebration Report to school as per usual, dismissal time at 10:30
Friday, 2 September 2011 Teacher's day school holiday

Sample Letter from Week 5 Level Test

Blk 504 Woodlands Street 11
16 Cloud Drive Singapore

29 July 2011

Mr James Brown
The Editor Singapore Straits Times Newspaper
16 Happy Avenue
Singapore 432736

Dear Mr Brown,
Comments on Plans of Hotel Construction in Pulau Ubin

I am Christopher Nah, a student currently studying economics. With regard to the plans to construct a new hotel with tourist facilities in Pulau Ubin published in the Singapore Straits Times newspaper, I am writing this letter to express my views about the proposed construction. I feel that the new hotel should be built as soon as possible as it will not only boost tourism and job opportunities, but also have a significant positive effect on the local community and also a positive impact on the environment.

Firstly, I feel strongly about the proposed construction, as it will boost the growth of tourism and also increase job opportunities for Singaporeans. Tourists have always been interested in Singaporeʼs integration of village life and modern facilities, as they not only get to enjoy the greenery, but also feel comfortable with the modern facilities. By building a new hotel with modern and attractive tourist facilities in Pulau Ubin, not only will they feel comfortable with the highly accessible facilities, but it also enhances the overall experience of touring Pulau Ubin. It is definitely going to give them an unforgettable experience and memory.

This brings me to the point that building this new hotel will also bring about more job opportunities for Singaporeans and reduce the rate of unemployment. As such, this hotel would bring about welfare and also support Singaporeans who are keen to serve tourists to their best effort but do not have the opportunity to do so. Thus, building this hotel does not only benefit the tourists or the economic growth of Singapore, but indirectly also improves the lives of Singaporeans.

Not only that, the proposed construction of the new hotel also includes state-of-the-art green technologies, which will strongly bring out the point thatSingapore is keen towards being a more environmentally friendly country. The impact on the environment would be totally positive. Also, it helps Singapore to conserve resources and ensures that this hotel is highly self-sustainable, able to operate at the lowest cost and lowest demands for utilities. With the recent global concerns of rising fuel demands and global warming, building the new hotel will bring Singapore another step forward on its mission to become a ʻzero energy, zero carbon emissions economyʼ.

No doubt that some people think the new hotel will not blend in nicely into the environment and surroundings in Pulau Ubin, but I strongly feel that having a modern hotel built at Pulau Ubin will attract more visitors to go to Pulau Ubin and have a significant positive effect on the local community. Locals selling products relevant to the tradition of Singapore will then find themselves having more customers a day and boost their businesses. As such, the hotel will have lots of long-term effects on Pulau Ubin such as to attract businessmen to consider Pulau Ubin as a strategic location for development and business expansion by opening their own outlets in Pulau Ubin.

After reading the proposed construction, I also feel that there are a few possible uses of the large plot of excess land after building the hotel. One example will be to construct a theme park at that plot of land. Again, not only will it increase the number of visitors touring Pulau Ubin, but it will also attract children to visit Pulau Ubin. it will further make the experience more memorable for the whole family.
Another example I propose will be to construct a museum near the hotel to allow tourists to better understand the history of Singapore and also to allow them to know the sacrifices our forefathers had made to develop Singapore to how successful it is today.

In conclusion, I really feel strongly about the proposed construction and support the plan to build a new hotel at Pulau Ubin, as the advantages of the proposed construction heavily outweigh the disadvantages. It will really positively affect the growth of tourism, increase job opportunities, positively affect the local community and also the environment. As such, I hope that relevant authorities will approve of the proposed construction as soon as possible in order to expedite the progress in the construction of the hotel. Singapore for decades has proven itself successful in economic development, as well as balancing economic development with creativity and innovation. Building this hotel will really benefit Singapore in the long run. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Christopher Nah

Perth Trip Appeal

Hi S209,

I am currently working with Mr Johari for a trip to Perth some time next year. The aim of this trip is to raise awareness of Service Learning among peers through authentic learning platform and environment conservation. The other details such as airliner and exact date has not been planned out yet. This is so as we are still in the beginning process of planning.
I need 4 more people to join me and form a team so that we can help make this trip a success. Those who are interested please state in the comments section. I would really appreciate it if some people here can help me out in this project. Thanks


Class 209 SnW Room Duty Roster

As Requested by the S&W Committee, the screenshot below shows the Class 209 S&W Gym Room Duty Roster, Click below to ENLARGE, Thanks!

Reminders for s209

Hi all,

1] Pls share your I&E product/service survey form with me by Advisory Period tomorrow, 18 Aug.
Do pass the message around. Thanks.

2] Anger Management Workshop on 25 Aug, next Thur
Kindly inform your parents that you need to stay back from 2-3pm for the above workshop next week.

Extension of Chinese Performance Task

Dear all S2-09nians,

The Chinese Performance Task deadline HAS BEEN EXTENDED to Monday, 15th of August. For more details, please refer to:
Also please complete 作业二(二下)


Dear S2-09nians(or nyans),

Please be reminded to submit your:
1) Chinese 作文
2) Science Homework 04
3) Science File
Into the respective pigeon holes.

Thank you.

- Rayner

5 Aug 2011 Reminders

Dear all,
1] Please complete the I&E Pushcart Peer Evaluation on your I&E Blog.
2] Please re-consider your I&E business choice. Avoid 'complicated' business which you are totally not familiar with. Share your survey forms/ google spreadsheet with me by next Monday.
3] Thank you, Naveena and team for the National Day Placard.
4] Do try to come in red tops next Monday :)

Enjoy your weekend!

~Ms Choo~

CE- 1st August 2011

Dear 209,

Let’s come together to work on a suitable tagline on the 'Singapore Spirit'. The tagline is to be put on just 1 side of the given corrugated board, and additional decorative designs are allowed.

Please bring colour paper/ magazine paper for your assigned classmates to do up the s209 placard.

Note: The tagline words on the completed placard should be sufficiently big and clear as it will be used in the placard show item in the ND Assembly Programme on 8 Aug. Each class is to therefore appoint 1 NE ambassador to participate in the placard show and turn up for the ND rehearsal on 4 Aug (Thu), 2-2.30pm at the school hall.

For now, please pen your suggested tagline on ‘Singapore Spirit’ in the comments column:)

History Make Up Class

Dear all,

Ms. Lim will be using next Wednesday's (3 Aug) TCS period as make up lesson for the lessons we missed because of the level tests. As far as possible, do not leave the classroom during that day.

Lee YuChong

History Make up class

Bazaar Supplies

Dear all,
Please check your roles/ responsibility list posted yesterday.

Please get ready all materials/ supplies/ equipment (except for ice cubes) by Wednesday afternoon. I will pass the key to Yuchong for classroom lock-up.
We will go out to purchase ice cubes on Thursday morning.

Thanks much! Let's enjoy the charity sale!!

2011 Bazaar- Tasks and Roles

$80 only!!! Please submit your receipts (with names written on the back) to Rayner

2-3kg bubbles/pearls- Stacey, Naveena, Michelle

3 x 1.5l Bottles of Tea (bottled - various flavors)-green tea, milk tea, black tea, osmanthus, ribena, each member, total 21 bottles

*Tim, Cherin, Preston, Christopher, Davina, Ben, Gwen*

6kg ice- Junhong, Sito

1 ice box- Min Suk

200 cups- Yuchong

200 straws- Jiale

1 big tin of Milo + 5 cans condensed milk- Siyuan, Niklaus

S209 Sales Mascot- Minsuk, Rayner, Victor

Stall decor price posters + advertisement+party masks(for mascot)- Hardy, Jonan, Johanan, Junwei

1 kg sticky candy+ plastic bags - Ben, Siyuan, Niklaus ($35 only!extra costs borne by the proposers)

CE lesson- 18 July 2011

Dear all,
Pls note the following and bring whatever materials you have. At least one item contribution from each member of the class. Your materials can be for either the collage or the Bazaar stall. We will sell Bubble Tea (+ Cookies if u like). Thanks much!

Sec 2s
1. Learning greetings of different countries (pronouncing and writing, where possible) at home over the weekend.

During CE......
2. Making collage
  • Using materials (e.g. old magazines, newspaper, fabrics, bottles), each class will design a A5 poster with reference to the Theme in abstract art format
  • Class can contribute by also writing greetings in different languages to further decorate the collage
  • NE ambassador to submit to Miss Alice Lim for putting up outside the school hall for viewing and judging
3. Preparation for Food Bazaar
  • Students may want to work on deco for stall, price labels for food items, posters to promote their stall.

Cancelation of Study Group on Tuesday 12 July

Dear S2-09 ians,

The proposed study group session for Tuesday 12 of July is canceled and you all do not need to stay back from 2-5pm. The information pertaining to this Study Group will be released at a later date, most likely on Thursday. Also on Thursday, a trial will be held for this program, covering Geography, Chinese and History, from 2-5 pm. Interested parties, do comment on this post. I am sorry for the inconvenienced caused.

             Niklaus Teo

Message from Mr. Dennis

Please go to S&W GoogleSite for S&W Programme 2011 and read the docs Forearm Pass and Forearm Pass 2 at the following URL: some time to practise too. The files can be found at the very bottom of the page. Just scroll all the way down. 

Thanks =)

Pls bring your thermometers tomorrow

Hi s209
Pls note the above:) do remind one another ok....thanks much.

Ms Choo

Temperature Taking Exercise on 30 June 2011

Hi all,

Please remember to bring your thermometer this thursday.

Travel Declaration (To be completed before 27 June)

Thanks to those who had logged in to their student acc. For those who had not logged in, take note that a nil return is required.
1 Yu Chong
2 Hardy
3 Gwendolyn
4 Si Yuan
5 Stacey
6 Min Suk
7 Cherin
8 Johanan
9 Jonan
10 Michelle
11 Christopher John
12 Niklaus
13 Preston
14 Benjamin
15 Goh Jun Hong
16 Tim
17 Min Suk
18 Naveena
19 Rayner
20 Jia Le

Feedback for June Class Outing

Dear all,

This message is regarding those who have attended the class outing at Sentosa in June. Kindly complete a google form that has been sent to your SST emails as soon as possible. Thanks!

Lee YuChong

June Outing @ Sentosa

Sentosa Boardwalk: Where are they???

Amazing Race starts...

Teams doing their challenges...

Folding boats??? Who's the master...
Underwater world, Rabbit Trail...
Posing for a picture...
Taking the tram to the beach...
Guess what they are doing?
Snacking @ the beach:)

Taking the monorail back...

Details for June Outing

Hello S2-09,

These are the main details for the June outing:

Date: 17 June 2011 (Friday)
Time: 1:15pm-7pm
Place: Sentosa
Meeting point: The area in Sentosa immediately after the broadwalk
Description of activities:

  • Amazing Race
  • Telematch games
Capture the flag

More details will be given soon. In the meantime, enjoy your post-exam fun~

Travel Declaration for June Holidays

Hi 209,

Please provide me with the following details tmr if you are travelling during this holidays.
Travel country:
Departure Date:
Return Date:
No of days:

Thank you.

2011 Student Survey Semester 1

Divide the class into 4 groups (approx 5 to 6 per group) to do the survey.

The first group will do for Math and I & E

The 2nd group will do Science, ADMT and Geog

The 3rd group will do English Language & S & W

The 4th group will do Mother Tongue and History

Edusave forms

Hi 209:

Please note that you have to return the edusave forms to Yu Chong tomorrow during flag raising ceremony. (There are 13 of you).

And for those who are paying by cheque/cash, please do so tomorrow at the General Office after your papers.

Ms Tan

History Common Test Materials

Dear S2-09,

Ms. Lim has uploaded some History materials onto the Google Site. It includes a revision checklist. Everything that you need to know is on the Google Site for History.

If you have not downloaded Lesson 7 of the Geography notes, well, it is the chapter that Mr. Yeo went through in the memorising lesson.

Lee YuChong

Class Clean up and arrangement

Dear S2-09,

Please be reminded that you will be required to stay back after school for about 15 minutes to clean up and arrange the class in preparation for the common test.

Lee YuChong

Regarding the Health Checkup

Hello S2-09,

Regarding the Health Checkup on 10 May (Tues), 12.30pm, you will have to bring your S&W attire along.
According to Ms Tan, we will all change directly before the checkup.
The lesson before the checkup is Science.
(This will be updated if anything changes)

Thank you :)



Hi 209:

Please remember to submit Health Booklet to me tomorrow, we will be having our Annual Health Check up on 6 May & 10 May 2011.

Thank you.

Ms Tan

June Holiday Second Activity

A brief overview of the options in which reference has been drawn from the forms.
Listed below the options is the SUGGESTED activities to be held within the activity itself. Further discussion can be brought upon in the near future after the common tests.

The first activity will be the Amazing Race and other telematch games against our juniors at Sentosa. 

Form is sent to your SST e-mails.

Activity 2:

Option A
Beach (Barbecue) Party
Where we play games and do other beach related activities on the beach. They include:
- Rollerblading
- Potluck barbecue party
- Playing with sand (bury friends, etc.
- Cycling
- Water bomb
- Volleyball
- Captain's ball
- Kite flying
- Casual Games, like truth or dare, pass the parcel, virus
- Tug of war

Option B
Picnic at some park
- Rollerblading
- Potluck picnic party
- Cycling
- Casual Games, like truth or dare, pass the parcel, virus

Option C

Option D
We follow a nature trail in some forest, following instructions and markings left along the forest to the finish line. It requires some form of physical involvement.

Option D
Option E
McDonald's Party
Most likely casual activities will be carried out during the party.

New Forum Thread

Hello fellow 209-ians, a new thread for making an "welcoming back" video for Ms Choo have just been put up in the forum page so please go down and put your comments on the forum page so as to help in creating a better video. FYI, Ms Choo will be coming back to SST on the day after Labour Day, which is may third, so we should finish the video by the end of Friday.

Regards, Niklaus Teo

Gentle Reminder-Feedback on eLearning week

Hi 209:

Please be reminded to do the survey (by 27 April, Wednesday ), which is available in the GoogleSite.
Till date, these are the students who had responded. Thank you.

Chio Jia Le


Goh Jun Hong


Gwendolyn Chee


Hardy Shein Nyein Chan


Lee Si Yuan


Lee YuChong


Naveena Menon


Niklaus Teo Kuo Sien


Preston Ngoui Yong Zhau


Rayner Tan Xue Wen


A continuation of CE lesson

Hi 209:

Some thoughts on Moral Compass:

Different people have values, beliefs and principles that guide them in their daily life.

What are your personal values?
What are your principles?
What are your most important beliefs?

[taken from Moral Intelligence (2005) by Doug Lennick and Fred Kiel]

You may wish to check out this website!

True Character is revealed by how you

behave when no one is looking.

money for english

pls bring $35 next week for the english magazines for the entire year, thx :D

Si Yuan

Announcement (8 April)

Hello S2-09,

As the previous record sheet for the Chinese marks are currently missing,  please bring for 每周学习 and 课堂 小练笔 to school next monday for the marks to be recorded on another mark sheet. Thank you very much :)

Test week

Dear S2-09,

Just a reminder, next week, or Term 2, Week 4, is packed with 2 tests

- Chinese Composition test (Not sure about Yu Xiang)
- ADMT mechanisms, electronics and sketching test

Good luck for all of them, but don't forget to rest well too!

Lee YuChong

7 April CE

Today's lesson:
Cyber Wellness

In the comments below, write a letter to yourself or someone you know who is addicted to gaming.
Explain why you are concerned about the individual addiction and how you can lend a helping hand to get him/her out of addiction.

Thanks for responses!

Thanks to the 19 of you who have taken the time to complete the survey that was sent to your SST e-mail. Your responses really matter for the future of our school.

Lee YuChong

March class fund collecton

Dear S2-09,

Class fund for March, $5, will be collected tomorrow. I apologize for the late notice, so, if you do not have the money ready, please bring it on the following day, 1 April. No, I am not joking about anything.

Lee YuChong

Announcement (30 March)

Hello S2-09,

Please check your SST mail for a form regarding the SST-NTU Flagship Camp in June. Thanks



Hi 209:

Please note that there will be CE e-learning activity tomorrow 8am-9am.

March class outing update

Dear S2-09, 

I regretfully bring the news under such short notice that the March Holiday outing on Tuesday will be cancelled. Regarding the reason, I am obliged to speak with all of you privately. An e-mail will be sent to each of your SST email accounts regarding this issue. However, I will try to patch this up for June or another suitable period of time. 

Conclusion: The March holidays has become yours to spend, all 7 days of it, without having any class activity going on in the 7 days. 

Lee YuChong

CE 7 March 2011

Hi 209,

It's coming to an end of Term 1. Let's do an activity for this period. It's called "Something Special about our class!"

Please refer to the google-form below, and put your heart and soul to make this activity a meaningful one:)

Thank you everyone.

February Collection for Class Fund

Hey S2-09,

Just a reminder, prepare your money for collection on Monday, 28 February and pass your money($5) to Rayner before school ends. Thanks!

Lee YuChong

Gentle Reminder

Hi 209!

Please be reminded that you will need colour pencils/magic pens for advisory period tmr:)

NE Video to be submitted by Friday...

Click this link to watch the latest Home Video...and help to raise money for Charity!

Valentines' Day Photos

Hi class,
Forgot to post this up earlier. But Happy Valentines'!

Service Learning/Welfare Manager

NE Video

Hi 209:

Here's the link from NE Branch

Looking forward to great videos from all of you:)

Deadline: Friday 5pm

Revamping of class blog

1. Homework. All homework posts will not be "spammed" on the home page as it turns the blog into a very messy place. As an added plus, all the homework will be written there and taken down after the deadline has passed. This gives a more centralised area for homework.

2. Calendar. Things like class events/outings shall be posted in the calendar.

4. Forum. The purpose of the forum is for discussions, specific questions about specific subjects, or when you want to revise whatever happens in class today, you can post it up on the forum in the specific subject sub-forum, where everyone else can view it and comment on it.

5. Chatbox. Please have the responsibility to post morally correct things, while properly stating your name or any form of identification.

6. In case you did not know, there is a search blog at the bottom of the blog.

Homework post for 8 Feb

1. Math homework 2
Due by: 14 Feb (Mon)

2. Math notes (Quadratic problem solving) Q20, 21

3. Math homework 1 to be submitted for checking by tomorrow. Please pass it to Jia Le tomorrow

4. Service Learning Feedback Form (check your sst mail)
-refer to post below, titled 'Service Learning Form'

5. Chinese Test (Paper 2) will be on Week 9, Monday.

6. Science Test will be on Week 8.
Topics to be tested:

Service Learning Form

Hi guys,
Can you guys check your sst e-mail. I have sent you a form regarding the next Service Learning activity. Please try to submit it to me by this Wednesday. Thanks

Service Learning/Welfare Manager

Homework Post for 7/2/11

1) Do the reflection on
2) The CE piece of paper, about the studying method. Complete the paper about you studying method.
3) Study for next maths lesson’s pre-quiz.
4) 听写改正。

CE Period 7Feb2011

Hi 209:

Just a recap of our CE period, I had shared with all of you regarding "Time Management & Study Skills", I'll leave you with some of the quotes on the keynote.

It is possible that for persons who use their time well,

knowledge and experience increase throughout life.

--Michel de Montaigne

Only you can know how much you can give to

every aspect of your life. Try to decide what is

most important. – Barbara Walters

Always compartmentalise your work into 4 quadrants, namely:

-Urgent & Important-->That means you have to do it IMMEDIATELY.

-Non-Urgent but important-->That means you have to prioritise but keep in at the back of your mind to finish it at the soonest point.

-Urgent but not important-->Finish it as soon as possible, only on the pretext that you had finished your important stuff.

-Non-Urgent & not important-->Do it only when you are free.


Think of a method which works really well for you, share it with your peers.

Put it down on the coloured papers that I gave you in class, submit to me tomorrow.

After which, I will be putting these methods up on the class noticeboard, do spend some time

reading it. You may adopt the study method.

You may also refer to for online revision resource.


Gentle reminder:

1.Please complete the reflection on the class blog regarding CNY hamper packing.

2.And if you had change your phone number, please inform Cherin asap.

Reflections on CNY Hamper Project

Please type in your reflections on the CNY Hamper Project in the comments below. You have to answer the questions:
1. What are we doing? What have we done?
2. How do we think we are affecting the children? What will be different from them?
3. What could be our next step to care for children?

Feel free to add in more reflections! But no irrelevant stuff!

Service Learning/Welfare Manager

SST, Singapore CNY celebration

2 Feb 2011 CNY celebration

Our prime lots in the school hall.
Thanks to our NE com, Gwendolyn, Victor & Jun Wei were tasked to do a CNY presentation for our class:)
Listen attentively to the presentation...

Here we are trying to find out more about the significance of CNY...

"Lo-Hei" for was Min Suk's 1st time trying the "uniquely" Sporean dish!

Nice bag to put our Mandarin Oranges:)

Jonan & Si Yuan tossing the Yu Sheng...

Cheese...our informal shot:)

Hardy...get into the pic!
Ok ok...I need to report to the hall to do my media duty...

Hope all of you enjoyed the celebration today. I'd love more pictures,but alas time was not on our side...well not to worry, we will have a lot of bonding time in the future. Hereby I wish all of you a Happy New Year.
*Gentle reminder: No logging on for at least 2 days okie? (1st & 2nd day of CNY)
Go collect Ang Pows:) Bonding time with family, relatives and friends is very important!
I'll leave you with the link which I showed you this morning, courtesy of Ms Doreen Tan:)
...Step out of your comfort zone, count your blessing. I'm happier these days:)

CNY celebration on 2 Feb 2011

Hi 209!

We will be celebrating CNY on next wed 2 Feb 2011.

Please report to the hall as usual, reading period starts @ 7:40am.

8am-9am: 'Lo-hei' in class and sharing on CNY traditions by our NE com members:)

9am-10:30am: CNY concert

Homework Post for 1/2/11

1) IPW googlesite.
2) Get parents to sign your quiz/test paper beside the marks.
3) Maths notes example 15, 16, 17, 18.
4) English journal about CNY.
5) Read the history hand-outs.

Homework Post for 31/1/11

1) Chinese Si Han
2) Maths notes examples 8, 9, 12, 13 & 14.
3) Bring 3 pieces of graph paper tomorrow.
4) 听写(每周学习二)和默写(三个月亮)


Hey S2-09,

Just a reminder to bring $5 for collection tomorrow. Also, we need more red packets, blue-tack, and double-sided tape. Those of you who have yet to bring your items for tomorrow, please bring them as well.

Lee YuChong

Thanks for CNY decoration

Hello everyone!

I would like to thank this who stayed back to help in the chinese new year decorations, specifically,

Jun Wei
Min suk
Jia Le
Min suk
Jun hong
See to

Thanks everyone for helping out today.

On the other hand, we really need:

- Blu-tack (a lot)
- more red packets

UPDATE: We also require double sided tape and if any of you has any more cotton wool, please bring also. Thanks

Lee YuChong

Homework Post for 28/1/11

1) Hawaiian Case Study
2) Maths worksheet.
3) Next week 听写(每周学习二)和默写(三个月亮)
4) Maths worksheet!

Homework Post for 27 January 2011

1) English newscaster audio recording
2) Submit your History e-journal by tomorrow recess, 7.30 am
3) Scan/take a picture of the drawings you did in Geography into your Geography journal

Chinese New Year Decorations

Dear S2-09

For the Chinese New Year decorations, please bring:

- Sticky tape (Scotch Tape)
- Yarn
- Cotton Wool
- Red Packets
- Multi-coloured whiteboard markers
- Unwanted cans. During recess/lunch, please do not throw away your unwanted cans for decorative purposes.
- Blu-tack

Should you have these materials, please bring them so that we can start decorating the class immediately and not waste any time. Should you not have them, just bring what you have, do not go out and buy.


Lee YuChong

Homework Post for 26/1/11

1) Tomorrow, by 12.10pm we must be at the white wall just outside the hall for photo taking.
2) Tomorrow during maths lesson, there will be a maths test(for those going for competition, meet Mr Ng after school on the next day, which is Friday).

CNY Hamper Project

Hi guys,
I found out that some of you have not finished completing the google spreadsheet on the CNY Hamper Project. (Reg. 11, 12) And some people need to confirm their items. Please complete all of these by tomorrow night. (yes, I am extending the deadline) Thanks.

Service Learning/Welfare Manager