Homework Post for 31/1/11

1) Chinese Si Han
2) Maths notes examples 8, 9, 12, 13 & 14.
3) Bring 3 pieces of graph paper tomorrow.
4) 听写(每周学习二)和默写(三个月亮)


Hey S2-09,

Just a reminder to bring $5 for collection tomorrow. Also, we need more red packets, blue-tack, and double-sided tape. Those of you who have yet to bring your items for tomorrow, please bring them as well.

Lee YuChong

Thanks for CNY decoration

Hello everyone!

I would like to thank this who stayed back to help in the chinese new year decorations, specifically,

Jun Wei
Min suk
Jia Le
Min suk
Jun hong
See to

Thanks everyone for helping out today.

On the other hand, we really need:

- Blu-tack (a lot)
- more red packets

UPDATE: We also require double sided tape and if any of you has any more cotton wool, please bring also. Thanks

Lee YuChong

Homework Post for 28/1/11

1) Hawaiian Case Study
2) Maths worksheet.
3) Next week 听写(每周学习二)和默写(三个月亮)
4) Maths worksheet!

Homework Post for 27 January 2011

1) English newscaster audio recording
2) Submit your History e-journal by tomorrow recess, 7.30 am
3) Scan/take a picture of the drawings you did in Geography into your Geography journal

Chinese New Year Decorations

Dear S2-09

For the Chinese New Year decorations, please bring:

- Sticky tape (Scotch Tape)
- Yarn
- Cotton Wool
- Red Packets
- Multi-coloured whiteboard markers
- Unwanted cans. During recess/lunch, please do not throw away your unwanted cans for decorative purposes.
- Blu-tack

Should you have these materials, please bring them so that we can start decorating the class immediately and not waste any time. Should you not have them, just bring what you have, do not go out and buy.


Lee YuChong

Homework Post for 26/1/11

1) Tomorrow, by 12.10pm we must be at the white wall just outside the hall for photo taking.
2) Tomorrow during maths lesson, there will be a maths test(for those going for competition, meet Mr Ng after school on the next day, which is Friday).

CNY Hamper Project

Hi guys,
I found out that some of you have not finished completing the google spreadsheet on the CNY Hamper Project. (Reg. 11, 12) And some people need to confirm their items. Please complete all of these by tomorrow night. (yes, I am extending the deadline) Thanks.

Service Learning/Welfare Manager

Homework for the day 25 Jan

Hello Everyone,

Here is the homework for today:

1.作业本 pg 12, 13, 23
2. IPW Big Idea Form
(Deadline is today, 2359)
3. Math worksheet example 6
(worksheet on solving quadratic equations)

-Especially to the people who left for competition-
4. Read 'Threats to Biodiversity: A Case Study of Hawaiian Birds' and do Q1
(the worksheet should be under your table)
5. Do the Pre-test form titled "Topic: Biodiversity (II)"
(Deadline is also 2359)

For those who haven't handed up the Goal Setting document, please do so asap.

Do remember that the next collection of class fund is next week. ($5)
Thank you.

P.S. Its someone's birthday today

Self-Evaluation Plan

Hi 209!
Please submit your self-evaluation plan to me if you have not done so.
Thank you.

Those who had submitted:
1) Gwendolyn
7)Yu Chong
8)Si Yuan
9)Jun Hong
14)Seeto Yu Xiang
16)Johanan Teo
17)Christopher John
18)Niklaus Teo
19)Chio Jia Le
20)Benjamin Fheng

Recap for Exco Presentation

Dear pupils of S2-09,

This is just a recap of whatever I have said this afternoon, at the last 1o minutes of the CE period of Monday, 24 January 2011. I am doing this as it involves your money and I feel that you should know more about this situation.

Idea of a Class Fund:
A Class Fund is meant to fund majority of activities that the class is involved in. Since it is known as a class fund, the entire class shall contribute, whether or not the activities affect them or not. The idea of the class fund is that we are distributing the cost of spending one lump sum of money at the day of the activity. This not only streamlines the process of the organiser collecting the money, but also presents you with a form of "installments" idea, where one might say the price of a car is distributed among a long period of time. It is also to give you another reason of coming to the activity, since your money is involved.

1. Semester 1: $5 per month. Money will be collected by the end of each month, starting with January. This amount of money will be used for:

Each of the activities listed below are what we are planning. When the time draws near, the Exco shall discuss and give you the final details, time, date, back-up plan, etc.

March Holidays:

Barbecue party with S1-09(2011). It will be used for booking the pit, and NOT for the food as it is a potluck party.

June Holidays:

For June Holidays, we are having a couple of activities in mind, being endorsed by you, and being endorsed by us.

List by order of merit:
- Cycling
- Beach Clean-up, bowling
- Arcade: Cost will NOT be covered by fund
- Settler's Cafe
- Minigolf
- Kbox
- Rollerblade

Semester 2: $2 per week, collection every 2 weeks, starting from Beginning July.


2D 1N chalet (Proposed. Should activities permit, it can be extended)

Chalet Location:
Home Team NS in East Coast Park: http://www.hometeamns.sg/index.cfm?GPID=47

Coasta Sands Resort Sentosa: http://www.costasands.com.sg/sentosa/

NRCSS Chalet: proposed by Rayner last year. : http://www.esrcc.com.sg/bungalow/gallery.html


Captain's Ball
Wild Wild Wet
Escape Theme Park
Halo Wars. Water balloon fight



Order food into school on certain days

Pizza Hut
Canadian Pizza

Daily Decorations:


Q: What? $2 per week and $5 per month? I can't pay!
Ans: Please express your resent to me at yuchong-lyc@hotmail.com/leeyc97@gmail.com/or my SST email.

Q: Since you are asking us to pay this amount of money, I suspect that there might be spare.
Ans: Yes, there is roughly spare. This spare is to account for inflation, a common topic among economists in Singapore and so, we are not going to ignore it. Should there still be spare after all the activities, the money will be distributed among the class.

Q: Can I not pay?
Ans: NO! Like I said, the class fund is a CLASS fund, everyone must contribute.

Should you have any queries, resentment/protests against this idea of have a suggestion, please e-mail me @ yuchong-lyc@hotmail.com/leeyc97@gmail.com/YuChong's SST email/any of the exco members.

Should there be no feedback, I shall take it that everyone is fine with this arrangement and NO special arrangements shall be made or the class arrangement changed in any way, thus, you are automatically saying that you shall be willing to pay the money by the deadline.

Thank you,
Lee YuChong

Gentle Reminder


STUDENTS (Class Shots)

27 Jan 2010 12:10pm

Venue: Outside School Hall

  • For every class, we will be taking one formal class shot, and one fun/more relaxed class shot.
  • Every class is given 20 minutes for the photoshoot.
  • Upon proceeding to the photoshoot venue, every class should line up according to height for ease of arranging positions within the shot.

Dress code for students:

  • School Uniform - Polo Tees and Skorts/Pants
  • Neat Hair
  • No jackets/windbreakers
  • No overwhelming accessories

Homework Post for 24/1/11

1) Ting Xie tomorrow.
2) Chinese Poem
3) Bring your stuff for the CNY hamper.
4) Complete the CNY spreadsheet, the website is: http://tinyurl.com/CNYProject
5) Maths quiz on thursday(last maths period, about algebraic fractions and subject of formula.

Heads up for I&E DI Groupings

Hi 209 students!

Please refer to our I&E blog for more information.

Thank you:)

S2-09 Duty Roster

S2-09 duty roster

Daily Clean-up

Whiteboard & screen: People sitting at the very front row; Jonan, Cherin, Preston YuChong

Lights, fan and air-conditioning: Cherin's group

Projector activation: Christopher or Hardy

Each group shall be responsible for keeping the area around them clean, and for their table alignment

Weekly Clean-up

Ensuring that class-cupboard is in order: Stacey's group

Sweeping the floor every Friday: Niklaus' group

Massive Clean-up

Last Friday of each month, starting with Rayner's group in January
(EXCO help facilitate)


- Cleaning Windows

- Mopping floor

- Cupboard managing

- Whiteboard cleaning

Visual Representation

Lee YuChong

Survey about Class Activities

Please complete this survey as it concerns your future class activities.

Should you have trouble viewing this form, the link is here

Lee YuChong

Homework Post for 21/1/11

1) Print out the goal setting document and give to your parents to sign and then pass to ms tan.
2) English journal(refer to english blog for topic).
3) Science worksheet.
4) Science presentation slides about the biotic relationships(the four representatives please post to the science blog).
5) ADMT sketches(refer to blog post: SketchWorks 3).

Homework Post for 20/1/11

1) Post the science blog activity regarding the 5 questions(the four representatives only).
2) English article about the "Beary" Forest(the hot seat questioning we did today, those are the information fro the article).
3) The two geography videos, Continental drift theory and Structure of earth.
4) NO ACE-LEARNING THIS WEEK!!! Please take note.

Homework post for the day 19 Jan


-prepare for debate next History lesson (20 Jan)

You can use pg 8-11 to help you in your research

-google spreadsheet
(Biotic vs. Abotic)

-Article writing
Check : Assignment_19_01_11.docx
On English google site


Homework Post for 18/1/11

1) Parabola worksheet.
2) Maths performance task.
3) Read ace-learning lessons regarding completing the square.

Homework Post for 17/1/11

1) ADMT sketches(if you have not done it, refer to ADMT blog for the diagrams).
2) Goal Setting document.
3) Example 5 and 6 of maths notes.
4) Maths worksheet, the whole worksheet, both Tier A and Tier B(do on foolscap paper).

Homework Post for 14/1/11

1) 作业一
2) Bring the 《7-ELEVEN狂想曲》for book test next week monday and study for your book test.
3) Remember to do your ace-learning and also write your workings down on your ace-learning book.
4) Next ADMT lesson(next week monday), please remember to bring your sketchbook, 2B pencils, a sharpener, soft eraser and a thin-tipped black marker.

Homework Post for 13/1/11

Dear S2-09,
After much discussion, the class exco has decided that Rayner will continue posting the homework for the day on the class blog.
Here's today's homework.

1) Science leaf worksheet(if you have not finished the diagrams) tomorrow, Friday, after school at 12.30pm please proceed to the Biology Lab to sketch the leaf specimens there. For people with re-test on that day you can go to the lab on tuesday.
2) History Presentation(the questions assigned in class today, will be presenting next history lesson).
3) (For PSLs) Do page 4&5 of history e-journal.
4) Maths page 7(if not completed) and 8(do your workings in your maths note book & NOT THE ACE-LEARNING BOOK)

Your's sincerely,


Hi 209!

Please refer to our CL blog for 7Jan lesson.


2011 ReTest Schedule (Secondary 2)





11 January


English Language Paper I

1400 – 1545

1 hour 45 minutes

English Language Paper II

*Students have been informed which paper they will be taking

1400 -- 1540

1 hour 40 minutes

12 January


Science Paper II

1400 - 1515

1 hour 15 minutes

13 January



1600 - 1730

1 hour 30 minutes

14 January


Chinese Language Paper II

1300 - 1430

1 hour 30 minutes

Higher Chinese Language Paper II

1300 - 1500

2 hours

17 January


Integrated Humanities (History)

1530 - 1630

1 hour

Integrated Humanities (Geography)

1630 - 1730

1 hour

Instructions to candidates:

1. Writing paper will be provided during the Retest(s).

2. Please report to the 201 Classroom 10 minutes before the start of the paper. Attendance will be taken by the subject teachers.

3. Candidates may be excused from sitting a paper only with the presentation of a formal medical certificate specifying the nature of illness/medical condition, or for other reasons acceptable by the School. Candidates will have to re-sit the paper on the next working day when s/he returns to school.

4. Candidates who are absent for any paper without an acceptable reason will receive zero mark for that paper and will face disciplinary action from the School.

5. It is the responsibility of candidates to ensure that they do not possess unauthorized materials during the Retests. Candidates caught with incriminating evidence will be presumed to have cheated or to have attempted to cheat. Those caught cheating will receive zero mark for the paper.

Advisory Period

Hi 209!

These are the things we need to discuss:

Task 1- Nomination of Class EXCO

Class Executive Committee

Chairperson (x1)

Vice-Chairperson (x1)

Secretary (x1)

Treasurer (x1)

Write down the candidate's name and share with me why he/she should assume this position, give specific examples supporting your recommendation. (You may self-nominate.)

*note: Leadership Training will be provided on 28, 29 Jan. Details will be given out at a later date.

Task 2-You may then decide on your Class Sub-Committees. Please note that this is not a time to sabotage your peers, it is a time to look thru the roles and responsibilities, the need to demonstrate the commitment and responsibility of the positions mentioned, give your service to our class and also a chance to collaborate with your peers in creating a more conducive environment.

Class Sub-Committees*

Welfare / Service Learning Committee - Welfare / SL co-ordinator (x2)

IT committee - Cyber Wellness Ambassador (x2)** (Already been selected last year. 2010 ambassadors will

continue in 2011)

National Education Committee - NE representatives (x5/6)

Sports & Wellness Committee - Sports & Wellness representatives (x5/6)

Publicity Committee - Publicity representatives (x5/6)

1st day of School

Hi S2-09!

A recap of what we had done today. (*for the benefit of our PSL and members of Robotics group)

1.Update email address. (To date, I have 22 entries.)
2.Getting to know you. (Please submit via google form if you had not done so.)
3.Update personal info on the namecard that I've issued.
4.We spent quite awhile on AUP, citation of resources, School Policy. Please go through it again and clarify if you are not sure.
5.Allocation of lockers.
6.Temporary Seating Arrangement
8.Ice-breakers to know your peers and FT better!

Things to bring tmr:
1.AUP form(with signatures)
2.Report Book

1.Bring thermometer on 7 Jan.
2.Review on 2010 Class Blog. Is there anything we can improve on? Good idea we can bring it over to 2011?

Things we will be doing:
1.Nomination of Class EXCO. (You may nominate/self-nominate)
Class Chairperson
Vice Chairperson
Cyber Wellness ambassadors(x2)
Welfare/Service Learning Coordinator(x2)
2.Seating Arrangement