1st day of School

Hi S2-09!

A recap of what we had done today. (*for the benefit of our PSL and members of Robotics group)

1.Update email address. (To date, I have 22 entries.)
2.Getting to know you. (Please submit via google form if you had not done so.)
3.Update personal info on the namecard that I've issued.
4.We spent quite awhile on AUP, citation of resources, School Policy. Please go through it again and clarify if you are not sure.
5.Allocation of lockers.
6.Temporary Seating Arrangement
8.Ice-breakers to know your peers and FT better!

Things to bring tmr:
1.AUP form(with signatures)
2.Report Book

1.Bring thermometer on 7 Jan.
2.Review on 2010 Class Blog. Is there anything we can improve on? Good idea we can bring it over to 2011?

Things we will be doing:
1.Nomination of Class EXCO. (You may nominate/self-nominate)
Class Chairperson
Vice Chairperson
Cyber Wellness ambassadors(x2)
Welfare/Service Learning Coordinator(x2)
2.Seating Arrangement

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