2011 ReTest Schedule (Secondary 2)





11 January


English Language Paper I

1400 – 1545

1 hour 45 minutes

English Language Paper II

*Students have been informed which paper they will be taking

1400 -- 1540

1 hour 40 minutes

12 January


Science Paper II

1400 - 1515

1 hour 15 minutes

13 January



1600 - 1730

1 hour 30 minutes

14 January


Chinese Language Paper II

1300 - 1430

1 hour 30 minutes

Higher Chinese Language Paper II

1300 - 1500

2 hours

17 January


Integrated Humanities (History)

1530 - 1630

1 hour

Integrated Humanities (Geography)

1630 - 1730

1 hour

Instructions to candidates:

1. Writing paper will be provided during the Retest(s).

2. Please report to the 201 Classroom 10 minutes before the start of the paper. Attendance will be taken by the subject teachers.

3. Candidates may be excused from sitting a paper only with the presentation of a formal medical certificate specifying the nature of illness/medical condition, or for other reasons acceptable by the School. Candidates will have to re-sit the paper on the next working day when s/he returns to school.

4. Candidates who are absent for any paper without an acceptable reason will receive zero mark for that paper and will face disciplinary action from the School.

5. It is the responsibility of candidates to ensure that they do not possess unauthorized materials during the Retests. Candidates caught with incriminating evidence will be presumed to have cheated or to have attempted to cheat. Those caught cheating will receive zero mark for the paper.