Homework for the day 25 Jan

Hello Everyone,

Here is the homework for today:

1.作业本 pg 12, 13, 23
2. IPW Big Idea Form
(Deadline is today, 2359)
3. Math worksheet example 6
(worksheet on solving quadratic equations)

-Especially to the people who left for competition-
4. Read 'Threats to Biodiversity: A Case Study of Hawaiian Birds' and do Q1
(the worksheet should be under your table)
5. Do the Pre-test form titled "Topic: Biodiversity (II)"
(Deadline is also 2359)

For those who haven't handed up the Goal Setting document, please do so asap.

Do remember that the next collection of class fund is next week. ($5)
Thank you.

P.S. Its someone's birthday today


  1. Please note: The homework I gave during my class just now is not optional. You may wish to do the 3 pages before we discuss the rest of the exercise.

    P/s: I know who's the birthday girl today:)

  2. Happy Birthday to You,
    You're in SST too,
    Here in class S2-09,
    Happy Birthday to YOU!


  3. Happy Birthday Cherin! :D

    Thanks for your generous help to the class last year and this year, we certainly wouldn't be able to do without you! :D

    Yu Xiang

  4. By the way, the English homework must also be submitted tomorrow if I am not wrong.

  5. Hi :)

    Thank you for realizing that today is my birthday..... :D I really appreciate that :D I'm not sure about the EL homework...will check and get back to you.

  6. Wow...keep it up! That's the class spirit that I want to see...