Homework Post for 13/1/11

Dear S2-09,
After much discussion, the class exco has decided that Rayner will continue posting the homework for the day on the class blog.
Here's today's homework.

1) Science leaf worksheet(if you have not finished the diagrams) tomorrow, Friday, after school at 12.30pm please proceed to the Biology Lab to sketch the leaf specimens there. For people with re-test on that day you can go to the lab on tuesday.
2) History Presentation(the questions assigned in class today, will be presenting next history lesson).
3) (For PSLs) Do page 4&5 of history e-journal.
4) Maths page 7(if not completed) and 8(do your workings in your maths note book & NOT THE ACE-LEARNING BOOK)

Your's sincerely,

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