Recap for Exco Presentation

Dear pupils of S2-09,

This is just a recap of whatever I have said this afternoon, at the last 1o minutes of the CE period of Monday, 24 January 2011. I am doing this as it involves your money and I feel that you should know more about this situation.

Idea of a Class Fund:
A Class Fund is meant to fund majority of activities that the class is involved in. Since it is known as a class fund, the entire class shall contribute, whether or not the activities affect them or not. The idea of the class fund is that we are distributing the cost of spending one lump sum of money at the day of the activity. This not only streamlines the process of the organiser collecting the money, but also presents you with a form of "installments" idea, where one might say the price of a car is distributed among a long period of time. It is also to give you another reason of coming to the activity, since your money is involved.

1. Semester 1: $5 per month. Money will be collected by the end of each month, starting with January. This amount of money will be used for:

Each of the activities listed below are what we are planning. When the time draws near, the Exco shall discuss and give you the final details, time, date, back-up plan, etc.

March Holidays:

Barbecue party with S1-09(2011). It will be used for booking the pit, and NOT for the food as it is a potluck party.

June Holidays:

For June Holidays, we are having a couple of activities in mind, being endorsed by you, and being endorsed by us.

List by order of merit:
- Cycling
- Beach Clean-up, bowling
- Arcade: Cost will NOT be covered by fund
- Settler's Cafe
- Minigolf
- Kbox
- Rollerblade

Semester 2: $2 per week, collection every 2 weeks, starting from Beginning July.


2D 1N chalet (Proposed. Should activities permit, it can be extended)

Chalet Location:
Home Team NS in East Coast Park:

Coasta Sands Resort Sentosa:

NRCSS Chalet: proposed by Rayner last year. :


Captain's Ball
Wild Wild Wet
Escape Theme Park
Halo Wars. Water balloon fight



Order food into school on certain days

Pizza Hut
Canadian Pizza

Daily Decorations:


Q: What? $2 per week and $5 per month? I can't pay!
Ans: Please express your resent to me at my SST email.

Q: Since you are asking us to pay this amount of money, I suspect that there might be spare.
Ans: Yes, there is roughly spare. This spare is to account for inflation, a common topic among economists in Singapore and so, we are not going to ignore it. Should there still be spare after all the activities, the money will be distributed among the class.

Q: Can I not pay?
Ans: NO! Like I said, the class fund is a CLASS fund, everyone must contribute.

Should you have any queries, resentment/protests against this idea of have a suggestion, please e-mail me @'s SST email/any of the exco members.

Should there be no feedback, I shall take it that everyone is fine with this arrangement and NO special arrangements shall be made or the class arrangement changed in any way, thus, you are automatically saying that you shall be willing to pay the money by the deadline.

Thank you,
Lee YuChong

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