February Collection for Class Fund

Hey S2-09,

Just a reminder, prepare your money for collection on Monday, 28 February and pass your money($5) to Rayner before school ends. Thanks!

Lee YuChong

Gentle Reminder

Hi 209!

Please be reminded that you will need colour pencils/magic pens for advisory period tmr:)

NE Video to be submitted by Friday...

Click this link to watch the latest Home Video...and help to raise money for Charity!

Valentines' Day Photos

Hi class,
Forgot to post this up earlier. But Happy Valentines'!

Service Learning/Welfare Manager

NE Video

Hi 209:

Here's the link from NE Branch http://thisishome.sg/resources.html

Looking forward to great videos from all of you:)

Deadline: Friday 5pm

Revamping of class blog

1. Homework. All homework posts will not be "spammed" on the home page as it turns the blog into a very messy place. As an added plus, all the homework will be written there and taken down after the deadline has passed. This gives a more centralised area for homework.

2. Calendar. Things like class events/outings shall be posted in the calendar.

4. Forum. The purpose of the forum is for discussions, specific questions about specific subjects, or when you want to revise whatever happens in class today, you can post it up on the forum in the specific subject sub-forum, where everyone else can view it and comment on it.

5. Chatbox. Please have the responsibility to post morally correct things, while properly stating your name or any form of identification.

6. In case you did not know, there is a search blog at the bottom of the blog.

Homework post for 8 Feb

1. Math homework 2
Due by: 14 Feb (Mon)

2. Math notes (Quadratic problem solving) Q20, 21

3. Math homework 1 to be submitted for checking by tomorrow. Please pass it to Jia Le tomorrow

4. Service Learning Feedback Form (check your sst mail)
-refer to post below, titled 'Service Learning Form'

5. Chinese Test (Paper 2) will be on Week 9, Monday.

6. Science Test will be on Week 8.
Topics to be tested:

Service Learning Form

Hi guys,
Can you guys check your sst e-mail. I have sent you a form regarding the next Service Learning activity. Please try to submit it to me by this Wednesday. Thanks

Service Learning/Welfare Manager

Homework Post for 7/2/11

1) Do the reflection on http://sst2011-s209.blogspot.com/2011/02/reflections-on-cny-hamper-project.html#comments
2) The CE piece of paper, about the studying method. Complete the paper about you studying method.
3) Study for next maths lesson’s pre-quiz.
4) 听写改正。

CE Period 7Feb2011

Hi 209:

Just a recap of our CE period, I had shared with all of you regarding "Time Management & Study Skills", I'll leave you with some of the quotes on the keynote.

It is possible that for persons who use their time well,

knowledge and experience increase throughout life.

--Michel de Montaigne

Only you can know how much you can give to

every aspect of your life. Try to decide what is

most important. – Barbara Walters

Always compartmentalise your work into 4 quadrants, namely:

-Urgent & Important-->That means you have to do it IMMEDIATELY.

-Non-Urgent but important-->That means you have to prioritise but keep in at the back of your mind to finish it at the soonest point.

-Urgent but not important-->Finish it as soon as possible, only on the pretext that you had finished your important stuff.

-Non-Urgent & not important-->Do it only when you are free.


Think of a method which works really well for you, share it with your peers.

Put it down on the coloured papers that I gave you in class, submit to me tomorrow.

After which, I will be putting these methods up on the class noticeboard, do spend some time

reading it. You may adopt the study method.

You may also refer to http://getrevising.co.uk/ for online revision resource.


Gentle reminder:

1.Please complete the reflection on the class blog regarding CNY hamper packing.

2.And if you had change your phone number, please inform Cherin asap.

Reflections on CNY Hamper Project

Please type in your reflections on the CNY Hamper Project in the comments below. You have to answer the questions:
1. What are we doing? What have we done?
2. How do we think we are affecting the children? What will be different from them?
3. What could be our next step to care for children?

Feel free to add in more reflections! But no irrelevant stuff!

Service Learning/Welfare Manager

SST, Singapore CNY celebration

2 Feb 2011 CNY celebration

Our prime lots in the school hall.
Thanks to our NE com, Gwendolyn, Victor & Jun Wei were tasked to do a CNY presentation for our class:)
Listen attentively to the presentation...

Here we are trying to find out more about the significance of CNY...

"Lo-Hei" for S2-09...it was Min Suk's 1st time trying the "uniquely" Sporean dish!

Nice bag to put our Mandarin Oranges:)

Jonan & Si Yuan tossing the Yu Sheng...

Cheese...our informal shot:)

Hardy...get into the pic!
Ok ok...I need to report to the hall to do my media duty...

Hope all of you enjoyed the celebration today. I'd love more pictures,but alas time was not on our side...well not to worry, we will have a lot of bonding time in the future. Hereby I wish all of you a Happy New Year.
*Gentle reminder: No logging on for at least 2 days okie? (1st & 2nd day of CNY)
Go collect Ang Pows:) Bonding time with family, relatives and friends is very important!
I'll leave you with the link which I showed you this morning, courtesy of Ms Doreen Tan:)
...Step out of your comfort zone, count your blessing. I'm happier these days:)

CNY celebration on 2 Feb 2011

Hi 209!

We will be celebrating CNY on next wed 2 Feb 2011.

Please report to the hall as usual, reading period starts @ 7:40am.

8am-9am: 'Lo-hei' in class and sharing on CNY traditions by our NE com members:)

9am-10:30am: CNY concert

Homework Post for 1/2/11

1) IPW googlesite.
2) Get parents to sign your quiz/test paper beside the marks.
3) Maths notes example 15, 16, 17, 18.
4) English journal about CNY.
5) Read the history hand-outs.