CE Period 7Feb2011

Hi 209:

Just a recap of our CE period, I had shared with all of you regarding "Time Management & Study Skills", I'll leave you with some of the quotes on the keynote.

It is possible that for persons who use their time well,

knowledge and experience increase throughout life.

--Michel de Montaigne

Only you can know how much you can give to

every aspect of your life. Try to decide what is

most important. – Barbara Walters

Always compartmentalise your work into 4 quadrants, namely:

-Urgent & Important-->That means you have to do it IMMEDIATELY.

-Non-Urgent but important-->That means you have to prioritise but keep in at the back of your mind to finish it at the soonest point.

-Urgent but not important-->Finish it as soon as possible, only on the pretext that you had finished your important stuff.

-Non-Urgent & not important-->Do it only when you are free.


Think of a method which works really well for you, share it with your peers.

Put it down on the coloured papers that I gave you in class, submit to me tomorrow.

After which, I will be putting these methods up on the class noticeboard, do spend some time

reading it. You may adopt the study method.

You may also refer to http://getrevising.co.uk/ for online revision resource.


Gentle reminder:

1.Please complete the reflection on the class blog regarding CNY hamper packing.

2.And if you had change your phone number, please inform Cherin asap.