Revamping of class blog

1. Homework. All homework posts will not be "spammed" on the home page as it turns the blog into a very messy place. As an added plus, all the homework will be written there and taken down after the deadline has passed. This gives a more centralised area for homework.

2. Calendar. Things like class events/outings shall be posted in the calendar.

4. Forum. The purpose of the forum is for discussions, specific questions about specific subjects, or when you want to revise whatever happens in class today, you can post it up on the forum in the specific subject sub-forum, where everyone else can view it and comment on it.

5. Chatbox. Please have the responsibility to post morally correct things, while properly stating your name or any form of identification.

6. In case you did not know, there is a search blog at the bottom of the blog.

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