March class fund collecton

Dear S2-09,

Class fund for March, $5, will be collected tomorrow. I apologize for the late notice, so, if you do not have the money ready, please bring it on the following day, 1 April. No, I am not joking about anything.

Lee YuChong

Announcement (30 March)

Hello S2-09,

Please check your SST mail for a form regarding the SST-NTU Flagship Camp in June. Thanks



Hi 209:

Please note that there will be CE e-learning activity tomorrow 8am-9am.

March class outing update

Dear S2-09, 

I regretfully bring the news under such short notice that the March Holiday outing on Tuesday will be cancelled. Regarding the reason, I am obliged to speak with all of you privately. An e-mail will be sent to each of your SST email accounts regarding this issue. However, I will try to patch this up for June or another suitable period of time. 

Conclusion: The March holidays has become yours to spend, all 7 days of it, without having any class activity going on in the 7 days. 

Lee YuChong

CE 7 March 2011

Hi 209,

It's coming to an end of Term 1. Let's do an activity for this period. It's called "Something Special about our class!"

Please refer to the google-form below, and put your heart and soul to make this activity a meaningful one:)

Thank you everyone.