7 April CE

Today's lesson:
Cyber Wellness

In the comments below, write a letter to yourself or someone you know who is addicted to gaming.
Explain why you are concerned about the individual addiction and how you can lend a helping hand to get him/her out of addiction.


  1. Dear Victor,

    I am concern of you addiction to gaming, and i do wish to help you out of it. I can always remind you when you are online and also ask if you are finished with your homework.


  2. Dear Rayner,
    Stop playing Wii games during your holidays.
    Do something more productive like studying Chinese and revision.
    You will not regret it, it'll be a massive save on time. You will get to sleep easier.


  3. I am writing to myself, I think that i should not waste my time in gaming, as it will cause me to lose focus, instead i could prioritize to do my work and other important stuff before i do my play any sort of games

  4. Dear Victor,
    I'm addicted to the facinating Macbook but not to gaming yet.
    Try playing less games to avoid addiction to gaming and do more productive stuff to stay from the Macbook, possibly something as interesting but not that.

  5. Dear meself,

    I would be a healthy gamer and embrace the good points of a gamer in terms of social networking. Producing friendships without people I do not know. In order to do that, I have to play less.

    From, Jun Hong

  6. Dear Victor,
    You are addicted to the Macbook and if you don't stop now you will be dragged down. Delete your Apple App Store account and delete all undesirable programs on your Macbook.

    From, Jonan

  7. Dear ___,

    I have heard that you have been addicted to games. Honestly, gaming is bad.
    A lot of time is wasted on gaming each day and also every month. There is no 'u-turn' when you become addicted to gaming.

    As a friend/ classmate, I would really want you to succeed in life, not video games. I really want to wish you all the best in your studies and one day, compete with you in terms of results. Would you want to waste your time gaming and lose out in terms of life?
    The truth is, many people have scummed to gaming. Would you want to be one of them?

    If you need help, I would be able to help you by giving you advice and possibly refer you to a counselor to help you. I will support you all the way :D

    I will leave it to you to think about it.

    Your friend/classmate,

  8. Dear me,
    I am writing this letter to you to remind you that gaming is very different from reality. Even though you are able to cope with your studies and your family, you can improve. If you organise your time better, you would be able to score better in your studies, have more time for your family and yourself. Please spend more time revising your work, prioritizing your work, and spend less time playing computer/xbox games. They can wait for the holidays. Act now!

    From your future you,

  9. Dear me,

    I write this letter to chide you for spending excessive time on the Internet and playing games.
    Spending hours on the Macbook will be bad for your eyes and will waste your precious time.

    I suggest that you start reading books and do other alternative activities instead.

    From me.

  10. Dear EVERYONE,

    We must have the time to work, and also the time to play. "Work hard, play hard". However, prioritising is a very important thing everyone should take note of. This is not only applicable to gaming, but across your life decisions. Games are for entertainment and does not really have a long-lasting value to it. Therefore, I hope every single one of us are able to play a little of it and still be able to work hard for this year's upcoming examinations!

    ~Jia Le

  11. Dear Me,

    I'm reminding you that playing would not be useful for your future. Spend your time well and I'm sure that you will not regret it. Also, learn how to prioritize so that you can finish as much work as possible

    From Me.

  12. Dear Jun Hong,
    I believe that you are addicted to your macbook and if you dont stop now, you will lose focus on your work.

    From Si Yuan

  13. Dear Victor,

    I know that you are addicted to your macbook. I believe that you should find something else that is more important to place your interest in.

    From Christopher John

  14. Dear Fellow gamers of the world,

    Like you, I am an avid gamer myself. So, know that I speak from my heart when I say, that gaming is a neither a good thing nor bad. It all depends on how we use it. Everything is about moderation. We have to play and work in a constant balanced routine. Let us create a world where virtual life brings people together in real life too. Games are for everyone!
    "Live long and Prosper"

    Hardy Shein Nyein Chan

  15. Dear gamers (you know who you are if you think you are one),

    Please do not get addicted to playing games too much as it affects your studies and just wastes your time. Do something productive instead, and play once in a while but not everytime.

    Yours sincerely,
    Michelle Dapito :D

  16. Dear Yu Xiang,

    I am concerned about the minor gaming problem that you have, and I think you should halt gaming except for the holidays altogether. I do not think that you should even game on the weekends. Gaming actually helps you to achieve nothing, and more time can actually be spent revising maths, science, and especially exercising if you stop gaming.

    Yu Xiang

  17. Dear Choi Min Suk,

    I have noticed that you have been on Transformice (A game) very often lately. You should reduce the playing time and spend it o sleeping. You should get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep everyday.

    Yours sincerely,
    Choi Min Suk

  18. Dear Gamers,

    Don't get addicted to online games. Although they can all be very fun, please know the difference between the virtual world and reality. Don't forget the real responsibilities you have, don't throw away opportunities and most of all, don't make time for gaming by pushing aside the time you can spend with family and friends.


  19. Dear Gaming Addicts,

    I know that gaming can be fun and stress relieving, but you have to control yourself however tempting it is. Playing it once in a while is alright but gaming excessively is not. You have a life and responsibilities to attend to, so live YOUR life to the fullest. Reflect on what you have achieved so far in the REAL life instead of the gaming world.


  20. To my friends,

    Gaming is a very fun and stress relieving thing but we all must know our limits. We should not spend too much time on gaming and lose focus on our work. Gaming is alright once in awhile but do not neglect your duties just for gaming. We should all socialise and go excercise more often.

    Benjamin Fheng

  21. Dear Victor,

    I would like to remind you that gaming should not be an integral part of your life and other aspects like socializing and face to face interaction, both of which are very important. Even though it relieves stress, there should still be a limit to gaming and your real life should take priority. I will help you since I am sitting beside you in class and will monitor you.

    Lee YuChong

  22. Dear gamers,

    I am aware that gaming is fun and a great way to escape life, but if you continue to indulge yourself in digital fantasy, life would catch up with you and you will be overwhelmed by it. Life, like time, waits for no man, even though life is yours.

    Yours truly,
    Gwendolyn Chee