June Holiday Second Activity

A brief overview of the options in which reference has been drawn from the forms.
Listed below the options is the SUGGESTED activities to be held within the activity itself. Further discussion can be brought upon in the near future after the common tests.

The first activity will be the Amazing Race and other telematch games against our juniors at Sentosa. 

Form is sent to your SST e-mails.

Activity 2:

Option A
Beach (Barbecue) Party
Where we play games and do other beach related activities on the beach. They include:
- Rollerblading
- Potluck barbecue party
- Playing with sand (bury friends, etc.
- Cycling
- Water bomb
- Volleyball
- Captain's ball
- Kite flying
- Casual Games, like truth or dare, pass the parcel, virus
- Tug of war

Option B
Picnic at some park
- Rollerblading
- Potluck picnic party
- Cycling
- Casual Games, like truth or dare, pass the parcel, virus

Option C

Option D
We follow a nature trail in some forest, following instructions and markings left along the forest to the finish line. It requires some form of physical involvement.

Option D
Option E
McDonald's Party
Most likely casual activities will be carried out during the party.

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