Details for June Outing

Hello S2-09,

These are the main details for the June outing:

Date: 17 June 2011 (Friday)
Time: 1:15pm-7pm
Place: Sentosa
Meeting point: The area in Sentosa immediately after the broadwalk
Description of activities:

  • Amazing Race
  • Telematch games
Capture the flag

More details will be given soon. In the meantime, enjoy your post-exam fun~

Travel Declaration for June Holidays

Hi 209,

Please provide me with the following details tmr if you are travelling during this holidays.
Travel country:
Departure Date:
Return Date:
No of days:

Thank you.

2011 Student Survey Semester 1

Divide the class into 4 groups (approx 5 to 6 per group) to do the survey.

The first group will do for Math and I & E

The 2nd group will do Science, ADMT and Geog

The 3rd group will do English Language & S & W

The 4th group will do Mother Tongue and History

Edusave forms

Hi 209:

Please note that you have to return the edusave forms to Yu Chong tomorrow during flag raising ceremony. (There are 13 of you).

And for those who are paying by cheque/cash, please do so tomorrow at the General Office after your papers.

Ms Tan

History Common Test Materials

Dear S2-09,

Ms. Lim has uploaded some History materials onto the Google Site. It includes a revision checklist. Everything that you need to know is on the Google Site for History.

If you have not downloaded Lesson 7 of the Geography notes, well, it is the chapter that Mr. Yeo went through in the memorising lesson.

Lee YuChong

Class Clean up and arrangement

Dear S2-09,

Please be reminded that you will be required to stay back after school for about 15 minutes to clean up and arrange the class in preparation for the common test.

Lee YuChong

Regarding the Health Checkup

Hello S2-09,

Regarding the Health Checkup on 10 May (Tues), 12.30pm, you will have to bring your S&W attire along.
According to Ms Tan, we will all change directly before the checkup.
The lesson before the checkup is Science.
(This will be updated if anything changes)

Thank you :)



Hi 209:

Please remember to submit Health Booklet to me tomorrow, we will be having our Annual Health Check up on 6 May & 10 May 2011.

Thank you.

Ms Tan