Details for June Outing

Hello S2-09,

These are the main details for the June outing:

Date: 17 June 2011 (Friday)
Time: 1:15pm-7pm
Place: Sentosa
Meeting point: The area in Sentosa immediately after the broadwalk
Description of activities:

  • Amazing Race
  • Telematch games
Capture the flag

More details will be given soon. In the meantime, enjoy your post-exam fun~


  1. I will not be able to attend as I will be overseas on that day.

    Just wondering if it could be shifted away from that week and the following week.

  2. Everything is rather fluid now, that our activity plan was disrupted. If the response is strong enough, then the date might change. However, do not keep your hopes up that it might change as results from a form sent out a few weeks ago, with 16 responses, have 17 June as a date where not many people are away. The barbecue has been canceled due to the fact that there is not a barbecue pit that we can utilise in Sentosa. Any other ideas for dinner?

  3. i will be away.. sadly. from 12-20th june so i guess i wont be able to join. Enjoy yourselves. :)

  4. I might not be able to make it either...:( My parents are flying away to Hong Kong, and I need to stay at home, so they say...

  5. Neither can I make it. Still, have fun, cos I believe the activities are going to be great :D

    Enjoy yourselves~ :D

  6. Same here, I would not be able to make it. Overseas. Have fun *-*

  7. I am already overseas. You guys have a great time ;) Thanks :D

    ~Benjamin Fheng

  8. Just exactly how many are going?
    I hope someone can confirm on that.

  9. The numbers are too overwhelming to reveal online. Come down and see for yourself :D