Pls bring your thermometers tomorrow

Hi s209
Pls note the above:) do remind one another ok....thanks much.

Ms Choo

Temperature Taking Exercise on 30 June 2011

Hi all,

Please remember to bring your thermometer this thursday.

Travel Declaration (To be completed before 27 June)

Thanks to those who had logged in to their student acc. For those who had not logged in, take note that a nil return is required.
1 Yu Chong
2 Hardy
3 Gwendolyn
4 Si Yuan
5 Stacey
6 Min Suk
7 Cherin
8 Johanan
9 Jonan
10 Michelle
11 Christopher John
12 Niklaus
13 Preston
14 Benjamin
15 Goh Jun Hong
16 Tim
17 Min Suk
18 Naveena
19 Rayner
20 Jia Le

Feedback for June Class Outing

Dear all,

This message is regarding those who have attended the class outing at Sentosa in June. Kindly complete a google form that has been sent to your SST emails as soon as possible. Thanks!

Lee YuChong

June Outing @ Sentosa

Sentosa Boardwalk: Where are they???

Amazing Race starts...

Teams doing their challenges...

Folding boats??? Who's the master...
Underwater world, Rabbit Trail...
Posing for a picture...
Taking the tram to the beach...
Guess what they are doing?
Snacking @ the beach:)

Taking the monorail back...