Travel Declaration (To be completed before 27 June)

Thanks to those who had logged in to their student acc. For those who had not logged in, take note that a nil return is required.
1 Yu Chong
2 Hardy
3 Gwendolyn
4 Si Yuan
5 Stacey
6 Min Suk
7 Cherin
8 Johanan
9 Jonan
10 Michelle
11 Christopher John
12 Niklaus
13 Preston
14 Benjamin
15 Goh Jun Hong
16 Tim
17 Min Suk
18 Naveena
19 Rayner
20 Jia Le


  1. I should had submitted the form already Ms Tan.

  2. Yes u submitted:) Did u see your name? No 3?

  3. Sorry for the late submission. I din't really take note of what's on the google site

  4. I have submitted before the deadline. Did my response got corrupted?

  5. @ Rayner, sorry, I missed out your name, oops:(
    @ Jia Le, noted:)