2011 Bazaar- Tasks and Roles

$80 only!!! Please submit your receipts (with names written on the back) to Rayner

2-3kg bubbles/pearls- Stacey, Naveena, Michelle

3 x 1.5l Bottles of Tea (bottled - various flavors)-green tea, milk tea, black tea, osmanthus, ribena, each member, total 21 bottles

*Tim, Cherin, Preston, Christopher, Davina, Ben, Gwen*

6kg ice- Junhong, Sito

1 ice box- Min Suk

200 cups- Yuchong

200 straws- Jiale

1 big tin of Milo + 5 cans condensed milk- Siyuan, Niklaus

S209 Sales Mascot- Minsuk, Rayner, Victor

Stall decor price posters + advertisement+party masks(for mascot)- Hardy, Jonan, Johanan, Junwei

1 kg sticky candy+ plastic bags - Ben, Siyuan, Niklaus ($35 only!extra costs borne by the proposers)


  1. Oh, so I'm a mascot... "=3=

  2. Vic, you can be the mascot....or help Rayner to 'decorate' Min Suk. Hardy and team, pls get a suitable/fanciful mask.

    Is everyone wearing cap on Thursday?:)