Cancelation of Study Group on Tuesday 12 July

Dear S2-09 ians,

The proposed study group session for Tuesday 12 of July is canceled and you all do not need to stay back from 2-5pm. The information pertaining to this Study Group will be released at a later date, most likely on Thursday. Also on Thursday, a trial will be held for this program, covering Geography, Chinese and History, from 2-5 pm. Interested parties, do comment on this post. I am sorry for the inconvenienced caused.

             Niklaus Teo


  1. watashi-wa desu! I'm interested.

    ~Jia Le

  2. By the way, do come prepared with a list of questions or topics to revise before the session. Thanks!

  3. I'm interested but my attendance would not be consistent due to external activities I have outside school. Thanks.