CE lesson- 18 July 2011

Dear all,
Pls note the following and bring whatever materials you have. At least one item contribution from each member of the class. Your materials can be for either the collage or the Bazaar stall. We will sell Bubble Tea (+ Cookies if u like). Thanks much!

Sec 2s
1. Learning greetings of different countries (pronouncing and writing, where possible) at home over the weekend.

During CE......
2. Making collage
  • Using materials (e.g. old magazines, newspaper, fabrics, bottles), each class will design a A5 poster with reference to the Theme in abstract art format
  • Class can contribute by also writing greetings in different languages to further decorate the collage
  • NE ambassador to submit to Miss Alice Lim for putting up outside the school hall for viewing and judging
3. Preparation for Food Bazaar
  • Students may want to work on deco for stall, price labels for food items, posters to promote their stall.

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  1. Is'nt it better if we 'collaborated' to bring the item? Later kenna a lot of people bring the same thing for the stall