Sample Letter from Week 5 Level Test

Blk 504 Woodlands Street 11
16 Cloud Drive Singapore

29 July 2011

Mr James Brown
The Editor Singapore Straits Times Newspaper
16 Happy Avenue
Singapore 432736

Dear Mr Brown,
Comments on Plans of Hotel Construction in Pulau Ubin

I am Christopher Nah, a student currently studying economics. With regard to the plans to construct a new hotel with tourist facilities in Pulau Ubin published in the Singapore Straits Times newspaper, I am writing this letter to express my views about the proposed construction. I feel that the new hotel should be built as soon as possible as it will not only boost tourism and job opportunities, but also have a significant positive effect on the local community and also a positive impact on the environment.

Firstly, I feel strongly about the proposed construction, as it will boost the growth of tourism and also increase job opportunities for Singaporeans. Tourists have always been interested in Singaporeʼs integration of village life and modern facilities, as they not only get to enjoy the greenery, but also feel comfortable with the modern facilities. By building a new hotel with modern and attractive tourist facilities in Pulau Ubin, not only will they feel comfortable with the highly accessible facilities, but it also enhances the overall experience of touring Pulau Ubin. It is definitely going to give them an unforgettable experience and memory.

This brings me to the point that building this new hotel will also bring about more job opportunities for Singaporeans and reduce the rate of unemployment. As such, this hotel would bring about welfare and also support Singaporeans who are keen to serve tourists to their best effort but do not have the opportunity to do so. Thus, building this hotel does not only benefit the tourists or the economic growth of Singapore, but indirectly also improves the lives of Singaporeans.

Not only that, the proposed construction of the new hotel also includes state-of-the-art green technologies, which will strongly bring out the point thatSingapore is keen towards being a more environmentally friendly country. The impact on the environment would be totally positive. Also, it helps Singapore to conserve resources and ensures that this hotel is highly self-sustainable, able to operate at the lowest cost and lowest demands for utilities. With the recent global concerns of rising fuel demands and global warming, building the new hotel will bring Singapore another step forward on its mission to become a ʻzero energy, zero carbon emissions economyʼ.

No doubt that some people think the new hotel will not blend in nicely into the environment and surroundings in Pulau Ubin, but I strongly feel that having a modern hotel built at Pulau Ubin will attract more visitors to go to Pulau Ubin and have a significant positive effect on the local community. Locals selling products relevant to the tradition of Singapore will then find themselves having more customers a day and boost their businesses. As such, the hotel will have lots of long-term effects on Pulau Ubin such as to attract businessmen to consider Pulau Ubin as a strategic location for development and business expansion by opening their own outlets in Pulau Ubin.

After reading the proposed construction, I also feel that there are a few possible uses of the large plot of excess land after building the hotel. One example will be to construct a theme park at that plot of land. Again, not only will it increase the number of visitors touring Pulau Ubin, but it will also attract children to visit Pulau Ubin. it will further make the experience more memorable for the whole family.
Another example I propose will be to construct a museum near the hotel to allow tourists to better understand the history of Singapore and also to allow them to know the sacrifices our forefathers had made to develop Singapore to how successful it is today.

In conclusion, I really feel strongly about the proposed construction and support the plan to build a new hotel at Pulau Ubin, as the advantages of the proposed construction heavily outweigh the disadvantages. It will really positively affect the growth of tourism, increase job opportunities, positively affect the local community and also the environment. As such, I hope that relevant authorities will approve of the proposed construction as soon as possible in order to expedite the progress in the construction of the hotel. Singapore for decades has proven itself successful in economic development, as well as balancing economic development with creativity and innovation. Building this hotel will really benefit Singapore in the long run. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Christopher Nah

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