Reflecton for CE

Please jot down your respondes/reflections for the following questions

1) How do you demonstrate your appreciation and love towards your parents?

2) ‘It is easier for a mother to look after her ten children than for a child to care for his mother’.


  1. 1) By arguing jokingly with them.
    2) True. A mother knows whats best for her child, but the children were not taught to care for their mother.

  2. 1) By showing respect.
    2) False. The mother has ten times the work load.

  3. 1) Do things automatically without them prompting and nagging for me to do.
    2) I think this sentence is quite true. Mothers would have the instinct to care for their own children but as a child we take things for granted.

  4. 1.) By doing thing that would show your appreciation to your parents.
    2.) Not true, I think that children can also take care of their parents easily. If there is a will for the child to look after his/her mother, there would definitely be a way.

  5. 1) How do you demonstrate your appreciation and love towards your parents?

    I demonstrate my appreciation and love by being a filial son.

    2) ‘It is easier for a mother to look after her ten children than for a child to care for his mother’.

    I disagree with this point, as a mother will have to individually take time out to care for every child occasionally. She has to shower lots of love and care on every child, and go through almost all stages of her child's development, while all of her children will just need to care for one child.

  6. 1) Understand their troubles and acting accordingly, avoid giving them extra stress by making them nag at me.
    2) Agree to a certain extend. It takes a long time for us children to understand their pain they went through to take care of us.

  7. 1) Try not to make them stressed
    2) True. Mothers have the responsibility to take care of the children but many children take their mother's care for granted

  8. 1) Obey them and make them cards for special occasions. Take care of them when they get old.

    2) True: a mother knows what the child wants but the child does not know what the mother wants.

  9. 1) Try not to argue with them and give them respect.
    2) The sentence is true, the mother knows the child best but the child might not know the mother best.

    ~Lee Si Yuan

  10. 1) By spending time with them.
    2) False. Mother has more than 10x more work load.

  11. 1. By being a good kid to your parents.
    2. I agree with this statement. We may not know how we should care for our parents. However parents know how to care for us.

  12. 1) Do not make them worry, follow their instruction.
    2) It is quite true if the mother is capable to share her 'love' among all the ten children.

  13. 1) I will always try to comply to my parent's request and constantly show respect to them. If in any event a quarrel will erupt, I will try to solve it diplomatically and keep the relationship strong.
    2) I'm not agreeing with the sentence but it is a very common situation. Children find it a burden to take care of their parents. They sometimes do not realize the weight of how much their parents has done for them. "No child can ever repay their parents for what they've done

  14. 1. I sometimes randomly say, "I love you." to them and I try and help them out without them asking.
    2. The sentence is subjective for every individual. Some people might just be good at taking care of others, they might have that instinct and know what to do. But others might find it hard.

  15. 1) I will try to make them happy always and respect them. I will sometimes even plan trips for the family during the weekend.

    2) I feel that this statement is true. Mothers would know what their children exactly want, and they have more life experiences, so they would know more on what to do during a situation. However a child might not know what is the true meaning of love to their family, and would take most things for granted.

  16. 1)I will thank them at times and say "I love you" to them before I sleep.

    2) Mothers usually know what to give their children especially after one child. However, because children take their parents for granted, they do not do the same thing to their parents. They take the things their parents do for them, for granted.

  17. 1.) Follow their instructions, spend time with them and respect them.

    2.) It really depends on the situation. When the children are young, the mother knows what to do to care for their children. However, when they grow slightly older around Primary 6, children can start taking care of their parent/s. However, children will only do that if there is a need.

  18. 1) Be obedient. Listen to what they say.

    2) Parents have instinct. Children can only learn from experience.