School Cheer

Hi 209, 

You might want to start thinking of the kind of cheers you might want to do, starting with the tune for the first cheer that we would be doing. Here are the pictures of the rubrics for your reference: 

School-Parents Meeting on 4th November

Hi 209
Please update your parents regarding the School- Parents Meeting slots. People yet to confirm are Stacey, Davina, Hardy, Junwei and Tim:

0930- Rayner

1000- Jonan

1030- Siyuan

1045- Victor

1100- Johanan

1115- Benjamin

1300- Min Suk

1315- Preston

1330- Yu Xiang

1345- Christopher

1400- Michelle

1415- Cherin

1430- Gwendolyn




1530- Naveena


1600- Jia Le

1615- Niklaus

**Yuchong (Mum is collecting Report Book from General Office)